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      Our Performance

Packaging Partners, Ltd. has been at the forefront of development in the packaging marketplace. We were the first to develop printed shrinkable lidding stocks for MAP case-ready meat and poultry packaging. We have modified, designed and manufactured improvements in our customers’ equipment to allow access to new technologies. We routinely assist customers with technical design, artwork, equipment selection, and packaging research and development.


Our performance is based on creating successful packaging strategies for our prestigious customer base.


Our strategy is to be proprietary, to give our customers access to the latest technologies in the world, and to support those technologies with the highest levels of technical service.


We focus on the solutions that our customers are looking for, but we are not restricted to one manufacturing plant or one style of packaging. We have a world of solutions at our fingertips and the skills to bring these solutions to our partners. Often, the materials you purchase from Packaging Partners, Ltd. are not available anywhere else in the world.

Packaging Partners works for our Customers
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